Relationship Building

Effective Communication

In todays fast past world, our ability to communicate effectively is closely linked with our success. Our communication skills determine the extent to which we can inform, influence or convince others as well as understand their perspective. Moreover, communication is the foundation through which we establish, build, and maintain relationships. The more we invest in communicating effectively with others the more deposits we make in their “emotional” bank accounts.

Initiate can design a communication skills program which focus on essential communication skills such as how to influence, how to sell your ideas, drawing out and building on other’s ideas and perspectives, developing a greater understanding of other’s needs, working towards consensus, and recognizing and resolving conflict. Our programs leverage some of the leading edge techniques in the area of communication that bring real value added to our participants. If you would like to learn how we can help you and your colleagues become more dynamic and effective communicators, contact us.

Meaningful Meetings

Meetings are integral for people to come together to get work done. Yet, meetings often end up being an inefficient use of people’s time. It is not uncommon for meetings to have one or more of the following characteristics – discussions go off topic, side conversations, one person dominating the discussion, participants trying to multi-task, lack of discussion outcomes, and running over the scheduled time.

Initiate can help your organization overcome the challenge of ineffective meetings by creating and delivering a program that will establish a new and higher standard of meeting management. Our meetings skills programs encourage employees to take real ownership for the meetings they participate in – irrespective if they are the meeting organizer. Contact us to learn how we can help make meetings an organization’s meetings more purposeful, participative, interesting, timely, and meaningful.

Powerful Presentations

One of the most challenging things for people to do is speak in front of an audience. Presenters often spend so much time developing the content for their presentation and yet invest little time in the most important area – their presentation skills. During our presentation skills programs, participants focus on developing skills that will help make their presentations much more engaging and memorable for their audience.

Initiate helps participants to become more powerful, confident, and focused presenters so that they communicate their message in a dynamic manner. We emphasize areas like presentation structure, PowerPoint tips, developing voice intonation, facial expressions, the significance of gesturing, and responding to questions. Our presentation skills courses are designed to provide a safe learning environment where participants practice presenting and receive tips, positive feedback, and encouragement. Contact us to find out how small changes in your presentation skills can make a big difference.

Team Building

In today’s working environment, teams need to come together quickly and work effectively towards a common vision and goals. Unless a team experiences challenges and works to establish team norms, it will never perform as a collaborative, communicative, and cohesive unit. Initiate’s Team Building workshops use a variety of games and exercises that mirror the working world to help teams to learn and grow together.

We tailor each workshop to the current issues a team is facing so that it’s personalized and focused on team improvement. Each game or exercise targets important team skills such as team planning, information sharing, individual vs team goals,building trust, consensus seeking and resolving conflicts. By the end of the team building any team will feel energized and prepared to tackle any challenge or opportunity they face. Contact us if you want to discuss how we can help a team improve their performance.

“Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand.”

Chinese Proverb

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