My Background

Hi! My name is Chris Colaço and I am the owner and Managing Director of Initiate. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. After successfully completing my Honors Bachelor of Business degree, I joined Procter&Gamble (P&G) in Marketing and worked with them for 5 years.

Thanks to P&G’s strong emphasis on performance and people development, I discovered my passion for training and helping others’ develop their skills. During my time at P&G, I became a certified trainer for P&G’s Global Leadership course, designed and facilitated an Advertising development program, trained various management courses focused on P&G competencies, and designed and facilitated a corporate orientation program. I was also a volunteer instructor for a public speaking and leadership program called the Christopher Leadership Course.

After leaving P&G, I decided to fulfill one of my dreams by spending time traveling through many countries such as India, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Switzerland. This opportunity of a life time helped me learn more about myself and the world. During my travels, I met and learnt from a diverse group of people including farmers, diving instructors, monks, elephant keepers, trekking guides, and doctors. These individuals combined with my diverse travel experiences helped me to discover new ideas and perspectives to help both myself and others develop new skills and capabilities.

In search of international work experience, I relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where I worked in the Corporate Training & Development department for a large multinational company. It was in this position that I developed and delivered training programs in regions including Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Africa.

As a result of my international training experience, my passion for people development, and my interest in meeting and working with diverse people, I created Initiate. Today, I and my associates have the pleasure of working across a range of industries including the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, verification and certification, financial services, and medical devices. I also work with international organizations such as UNICEF and the UNHCR. I also have the pleasure of working across different regions with culturally rich and diverse people.

My Promise

I offer a simple and straightforward promise to my clients and that is to add value. I invest the time necessary to ensure that the exchanges I have with my clients and their stakeholders offer real value. I believe that this is the reason why I have long standing partnerships with the majority of my clients.

Furthermore, I have developed a business model of working with associates in an effort to provide a range of specialized services to Initiate’s clients. This model helps avoid transferring non-value added administrative costs while delivering a vision that I believe is important to provide to my clients: quality and personalized service.

I encourage you to contact me to discover and experience what it is like to collaborate and partner with me and my associates.

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