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Essentials of Leadership

It is not uncommon to hear the statement “That person is a born leader”. The majority of people believe that leadership is something that cannot be taught – you are either born with it or not. Our research indicates that leadership is a skill that can be nurtured and developed over time. Leadership is a choice. Anyone can choose to lead irrespective of the position they hold. A leader is someone who can set of vision for the future, and then motivate and enable others in the organization to achieve that vision.

The Essentials of Leadership program is designed to introduce current and future leaders to core and important leadership skills that are essential for a leader to be successful in any organization. The program emphasizes skills such as visioning, enabling, motivating, leveraging emotional intelligence, and service in an effort to provide the foundation for participants to become dynamic leadersequip . Contact us to discover more about how you can take the first step in developing leaders in your organization.

Time for Change

Change is a fact of life in all organizations. And yet change is the one thing employees, as well as managers, have the most difficulty dealing with. Employees’ reactions to change can vary from mild resistance, to feeling threatened, to actively sabotaging the change. When employees have accepted the change they have a higher probability of participating in or supporting it. Acceptance of change requires a change in mindset. During the program, we lead participants from identifying the challenges and feelings associated with change to looking at change as an opportunity to redefine oneself.

We share concepts such as common responses to change, how to deal with the stress associated with change, creating a self-supportive work environment, how to cope and build resilience, and recognizing and redefining one’s skills to benefit from change.

This unique program can make a real difference to organizations implementing new systems or work processes, restructuring, or downsizing. We can tailor this program to support leaders and managers responsible for implementing and supporting people through change or to those who are experiencing change. Contact us to learn more about how we can help change the way people look at change in your organization.

“Tell me and I'll forget;
Show me and I may remember;
Involve me and I'll understand.”

Chinese Proverb

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