The organization and running of a conference or convention is a challenging task. First, there are all of the important logistics details including event location and participant coordination, which consume a lot of time and effort. Then there is the conference content including defining the theme and objectives as well as the preparation of speakers and facilitators. Finally, there is the running of the conference, which requires constant communication with the participants and the conference centre to ensure the conference runs smoothly and professionally.

Initiate supports clients to ensure their conferences and conventions stay on track in terms of preparation and during the event itself. We support the organizer and/or organizing team to help clearly define a conference theme and clear objectives. We then work with speakers and facilitators to prepare their presentations and workshops to ensure they deliver on the defined objectives within their established time limits. We also work with presenters to practice their presentations and give them feedback so they deliver an impactful presentation/session.

During the conference, Initiate plays a dual role. First, we act as the main conference facilitator providing a seamless link between the conference organizer and participants. We communicate important information and agenda updates to participants, introduce speakers in a professional manner, lead participants to and through different activities, and ensure the conference remains on track in terms of timing and organization. Second, we work behind the scenes with the conference organizer and centre to ensure the necessary equipment and room set-up are complete on time and to expectation and that activities (including dinner, outdoor etc.) are well prepared and coordinated.

This helps to ensure that your conference or convention meets the participants' expectations and is remembered as a well organized, professional, and valuable event. If you would like to ensure your upcoming conference stays on track, contact us.

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