Giving back to the future

It is important for each of us to consider how we can contribute to the both the present and future of our planet, our society and the communities that we live. Each of us has as a responsibility to help our society evolve in a positive way; in ways that matter personally to each of us.

Children matter to me for many reasons. First of all children have a natural interest, desire and therefore motivation to learn. They are curious and always ask the question “Why” or “How”. Children also have a naivety and innocence about them that often make their statements or actions stand out in my mind and challenge me to think about possibilities. At the same time, they are vulnerable and therefore need our support and protection. Children are the future of our planet. They are the seeds that will grow and define our future.

Like any seed, a child needs to be nurtured. Nurtured so that they can grow strong and healthy – both mentally and physically; develop sound principles and values; and develop their innate intelligence even further. Every seed has potential. So does every child.

Initiate supports 2 organizations that nurture children to explore, develop and maximize their potential. The first organization is Haiti Children: a charitable organization that supports orphans in Haiti. The second organization is Anima: an organization that develops children’s mental processes and physical movements through interaction with horses. You can learn more about both organizations via their website links below:

Leadership Quote:
Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.
John Maxwell