Initiate: Supporting Positive Change

Initiate is a training and development company focused on the foundation of every organization: it’s people. If your organization aims to succeed in today’s operating environment, you need your people to be engaged, motivated, and skilled at what they do. We work in partnership with organizations to create innovative and personalized solutions that help your people grow and flourish. We do this by creating environment in which we encourage and empower your people to transform the way they work.

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“I have worked with Chris and his team at Initiate on several occasions for training and team facilitation. Every time their delivery is with a high level of precision, efficiency and quality. Chris’ training leaves lasting impact…I still apply his concepts 11 years after learning them!”

- Bernardo Mariano -

Assistant Secretary General
Chief Information Technology Officer
United Nations

“I have always counted on Chris and his team to listen to my needs and then collaborate with me to develop solutions that are in my best interests and that of my organization. What I really appreciate about Chris is his ability to strategically focus our teams on what is most important”

- Luciana Mansolelli -

Head Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, Cell and Gene Technical
Development & Manufacturing

“One of the things that I can count on Chris is to listen and understand our needs and then develop a solution that fits our requirements. Recently, he developed a tailored program focused on performance management. As a result of the training, our Managers are now ensuring there is greater alignment between our corporate and individual objectives as well as providing supportive feedback to help their employees create value added solutions.”

- Emmanuel de Martel -

Chief Operating Officer

“Chris is a long-term partner who understands the nature of our business, our culture and our people. He is able to understand and navigate both individual and collective needs before bringing forth solutions that are simple, clear and meaningful for everyone.”

- Philippe Lamotte -

Vice President Human Resources EMEACLA
Edwards Lifesciences