Expectations Forum – Initiate’s Online Assessment Tool

What if you were to set-off to climb one of the highest peaks on our planet and were told in advance of the weather you should expect each and every day of your ascent? Would you not be better prepared to reach your goal? Would you not ensure that you packed the right clothing and supplies to help you succeed?

When manager’s give their employees specific goals or targets to achieve, they often are unaware of and therefore do not communicate the specific performance expectations they have of their employees. Yet when employees understand the performance expectations, they become better equipped to reach their targets.

Initiate’s online assessment tool - Expectations Forum - helps managers to become more aware of the importance of specific behaviors which are necessary for an employee to demonstrate in order to successfully reach their goals and targets. Expectations Forum provides a “forum” through which a manager and employee can both understand and align on performance expectations.

Importance of Measuring Expectations

Expectations play a significant role in our lives. The extent to which our expectations are met in life determine our level of satisfaction and happiness. The more our life meets our expectations the happier and more content we are. If for example, we expect it to be sunny most of the summer and it ends up being cold and rainy we would not be very happy.

Similarly, managers have expectations of their employees. When an employee does not meet a manager’s performance expectations, the manager is not to happy with the employee. This negatively impacts the manager’s perception of his/her employee and their relationship.

What is the Expectations Forum ?

The Expectations Forum is an online assessment tool which is designed to help a manager maximize his/her employee’s performance. The assessment is completed by both the manager and employee. As a first step, the manager and employee assess the employee’s behavior at work based on the organization’s competencies or a customized list of competencies.

The assessment report helps to identify and prioritize:

  •   Performance areas where the employee is meeting and not meeting the manager’s expectations
  •   Differences in performance expectations between the employee and manager

The manager and employee can use the report to discuss specific actions the employee can take to maximize his/her performance at work.

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